Nexus, Ministry of Defence

Ops Battleforce 2

Mobile Game


Ops Battleforce 2 is a 3D action strategy game where you fight against enemies in multi-player battles and single player campaigns.


  • Train, upgrade and command more than 24 assets of Air Force, Army and Navy.
  • Multiplayer battles: destroy other players’ base HQ to win and gain reputation plus experience points.
  • Real time strategic combat: draw paths to advance troops and auto attack enemies.
  • Full 3D models and terrain: rotate the battle map for tactical manoeuvres.
  • Utilise the strengths of each weapon type for successful combined-arms operations.
  • Deploy defence force to protect your base when you are offline: set different tactical stance of hold/guard/charge for each unit.
  • Progress 80 levels from the rank of 2nd Lieutenant to become a 3-star Lieutenant General.
  • Bonus story-based campaign missions.
  • Compete to be a top commander on the global leaderboard.