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Activate Launches The Rise of Li’Ttledot

Activate launches The Rise of Li’Ttledot, an Online Multiplayer Total Defence-Based Strategy Game for Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

The Rise of Li’Ttledot, developed based on the five aspects of Total Defence: Military, Civil, Economic, Social and Psychological Defence, aims to provide the teacher with a fun edu-gaming platform to help students learn more about the concept of Total Defence in an innovative student-centred approach.  The ACSians will be the first to experience this fun-filled game, all thanks to the pioneering initiatives by their teachers! About the Game The island of Li’Ttledot is being attacked by an old enemy: The Rogue Wolfpac. This time, they have sent 5 secret agents to wreak havoc and sow discord among the people. In this time of need, Li’Ttledot must summon the Super Eagles once again to save the land. The Players Li ‘Ttledot will be a single map capable of supporting up to 100 players, on two teams. As a player joins, he/she will be given the choice of joining either the Super Eagles (the defenders) or the Rogue Wolfpac (the attackers). The player is then asked to choose the type of attack/defense he wants to participate in: • Psychological • Social • Economic • Civil • Military

The Game Play In the game, each player will have up to 8 missions to complete based on his role. Each successful mission will earn players mental health points. Along the way, player can choose to participate in activities which will earn them gold. Activities include answering simple multiple choice questions (subjects-based, Total Defence-based or general trivia), playing of flash games and watching of videos. As a player levels up on his rank, coupled with the gold earned along the way, he will be able to execute power to affect the happiness level of the island. This is the key to winning the game!

The game objective for the defenders is to increase the happiness of the island (above 50%) while vice versa for the attackers. This can only be achieved if players have acquired enough rank and gold to execute the desired power. For the ultimate combo power, player needs to gather all his team mates for this action! Managing The Game The game administrator will be able to manage the game sessions, the players, the chats and all activities via a centralized controlled backoffice. Above all, the gaming content can be edited by the teachers to tailor it for their students!</p> Interested In This Game? If you are interested to use this game as part of National Education (NE) teaching, please contact


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