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Enterprise & Mobile

App Development

With twenty years under our belt, Activate Interactive has the right extensive experience to cater to your IT solutioning needs. We have deployed enterprise-level IT solutions in many industries, including defence, education, government, health, MNCs, security, sports, telecommunications and transport.



Crafting beautiful user interface designs is our forte and end-user websites are one of the deliverables that Activate provides to our customers. We have the capability of building fully customised websites via a greenfield approach from the ground up, or via content management platforms such as Joomla, Microsoft SharePoint and WordPress.

Mobile apps

With more than ten years of experience in creating beautifully designed mobile applications, Activate is proficient in both building mobile applications natively, as well as via cross-platform tools such as Appcelerator, Cordova, PhoneGap, React Native and Xamarin.

System integration

We have a team with deep technical expertise and experience in rolling out systems integration and solutions using multiple methodologies, web technologies, platforms and cloud environments.

Billing | Email / SMS Gateway | End-User Analytics | Single Sign On | Web Services | Internationalization

UI/Ux Design 

Equipped with a team that is strong in design thinking and competent with design processes,  we focus on delivering beautiful, functional design solutions & experiences, helping brand journeys through our strength in UI/UX design.


We apply an innovative, research-first design process to learn about your industry and business, your target audience and the objectives of the a web or mobile app. Through learnings, we can develop strategic goals for every project based on identified targets and user expectations.

UI/UX design

We strive to achieve 3 key components in every UX/UI project that we do:

  • Usefulness - Achieving the core functionality,

    purpose of the project

  • Usability - User-friendliness of the interface which is clear and easy-to-use

  • Desirability - Makes people want to use it and continue to use it

Even though the general UX design process guidelines are encouraged, the design team will work with flexibility as each project has a different set of requirements and may require us to adopt alternative approaches depending on the situation.

Games Development

Activate has created more than 100 games on multiple platforms including PC, mobile and TV. Game genres that we are experienced in include:

Training & Simulation | Games Based Learning | Advergames | Social Games | Virtual Worlds | Massively Multiplayer Online Games | Gesture Based Games | Games For Health | Virtual Reality Games | Augmented Reality Games

Games Development

We have designed and developed serious games for clients including HDB, HPB, ICA, LTA, MHA, MOE, NEA, Nexus, NTU, NP, RSAF and URA, achieving their training, education and promotion goals successfully. At the same time, our own games such as “Fish a Fish” and “Steel Odyssey” have attracted more than 3 million players worldwide.

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