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We believe that technology is most useful when it is meant to increase the quality of our lives. As we explore the latest in health, wellness and what it truly means to be living joyfully, we are gathering and accumulating programmatic and technological capabilities that we believe will elevate awareness and mindfulness, encourage the learning of forever habits, empower positive changes, challenge limits and begin people on their journeys of approaching that elusive quality of life. 


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Gamification of Learning & Training

We have extensive experience in achieving learning and training outcomes through game play.

Lively Silver

A mobile brain training game/app for dementia prevention and mitigation. Developed in partnership with Dr Dennis Seow, Head of Geriatic Medicine at Singapore General Hospital targeting neurocognitive domains like attention, short term and working memory (visual and verbal), processing speed, visuoconstruction, and executive function. A clinical trial was conducted successfully in 2013 and 80% of patients showed significant improvement in neuro tests after 3 months of daily play.

Technology Partnerships & Collaborations

We believe very strongly in collaboration and that well selected technology partnerships create a magnification of one another’s strengths and efficiencies. We collaborate with individuals, companies and institutions from various sectors, and invite you to collaborate with us and/or share collaborative opportunities with us:

Research & Development (R&D)

We absolutely love innovation and get excited about being on the leading edge of technology, which is why we conduct extensive R&D with institutions of higher learning and medical practitioners to constantly advance our knowledge and capabilities, from end-to-end solutions for pre-disease monitoring and prevention, to disease management, and finally to aid, ease and accelerate recovery. 

Tracking blood glucose level often involves collecting a blood sample, typically by pricking the fingers, transferring them onto a test strip then analysed by a blood glucose meter. With a non-invasive blood glucose detection technology, a pre-diabetic condition could be detected early. Using a photoplethymogram (PPG) sensor, we will be able to predict if your blood glucose level is high, normal or low.


We are also particularly passionate about telemedicine and its far reaching potential to benefit those who have historically not had the privilege of consistent and quality healthcare, as well as how technology will enable graceful and successful aging for seniors.

If you have a health technology idea or challenge that requires further conceptualizing and R&D, we will be glad to have a conversation with you!

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