By the Health Promotion Board (HPB) of Singapore Nationwide Population Health Programs and Technological Solutions.

Launched in 2015 as the platform for executing the National Steps Challenge™ by the HPB of Singapore, the Healthy 365 App user base has been growing by more than 100% year on year and is targeted to benefit their 1-millionth user this year. 


  • Dashboards

    • Caloric Balance Dashboard to track and monitor calorie intake vs output.

    • Steps Dashboard to track and monitor daily steps count, active time, and distance covered.

    • Diet Dashboard to display the top 3 foods and drinks with the highest calories that are consumed for the day.

  • Challenges and tiered rewards mechanisms to motivate and incentivise physical activity and healthier eating choices through awarding of health points and redeemable rewards.

  • Diet tracking journal with a food database of over 1,000 local foods and drinks, capturing calories and nutritional information.

  • History charts to keep a record of past steps count, active time, distance covered, calorie intake and output, as well as weight.

  • Location-based listing and map views of healthier eateries, health events, exercise facilities and routes in the vicinity.

  • Integration with HPB steps trackers as well as exercise apps such as S Health, HealthKit, Actxa® and Fitbit®

  • Discount e-vouchers.

For enquiries on National Steps Challenge, Healthy 365 mobile app, and fitness tracker exchanges, please visit or email