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Cloud Technology

An illustration that shows Cloud Technology, a service that Activate offers.

Embracing cloud technology is an integral step towards achieving a holistic digital transformation. Gain confidence in embracing this well-tested technology as Activate guides you through assessment, system integration, migration, and continuous monitoring.

Unlock Digital Transformation with Our Cloud Solutions

Activate's advanced cloud technology empowers digital transformation with scalability, security, and flexibility, providing businesses with efficient and innovative solutions.​

As an advanced tier AWS partner that has proven customer experience, we leverage the Activate Playbook to assist you in expanding into new markets and lowering ownership costs. We make transitioning operations from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, either entirely or partially, a feasible and streamlined process.

Activate is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, part of the Public Sector Partners and ProServe Ready

Cloud Services

Cloud Consultation

Determine how to best utilise the technology to enable your company to break into new markets or lower the cost of ownership. 


Use cloud technology to make your applications, systems and IT infrastructure more effective while increasing your return of investment.


Overcome on-premises infrastructure challenges by shifting, modifying, or developing your solutions or platforms to

the cloud.

Automate the way you build and deploy your applications/common systems by designing efficient CICD pipelines using AWS/Azure cloud-native services.



Improve system performance, resource usage, and cost optimisation through continuous monitoring.


Enable monitoring of cloud and on-premise servers through the integration with the best tools in the market today.

An illustration that shows the digital transformation using cloud technology, a case study of Activate's services.


From Monolithic to Microservices: Revolutionising Actxa's Architecture

Activate’s cloud-driven strategic interventions had Actxa seamlessly transition from a monolithic architecture to a dynamic microservices framework, all while achieving optimal cost efficiency with AWS technology.

Our Partners

Amazon Web Services is a partner of Activate
Microsoft Azure is a partner of Activate

Hear From Our Client

Testimonial from Inphosoft, a client of Activate about cloud services

"Activate Interactive advised and changed our perspective using a cloud-based solution.
We benefited from the minimum extreme quick turn around time to spin off servers having predictable downtime, allowing us to free up resources to core profit-generating activities instead."

Derrick Ong

General Manager

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Malaysia & Indonesia

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Find Out if Cloud Technology Is Right for You

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