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From Monolithic
to Microservices:

Revolutionising Actxa's Architecture

Activate’s cloud-driven strategic interventions had Actxa seamlessly transition from a monolithic architecture to a dynamic microservices framework, all while achieving optimal cost efficiency with AWS technology.

An illustration that shows the digital transformation using cloud technology, a case study of Activate's services.


  • Scalability Dilemma: The monolithic structure limited swift scaling during periods of high demand. Cloud deployment will be costly and challenging to enhance.  

  • Operational Complexity: Managing the monolith caused delays in feature deployment and updates. Regression testing was complex and cumbersome during incremental releases.

  • Budgetary Strain: Escalating costs under the monolithic setup affected Actxa's competitiveness. 

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A jigsaw piece completing a puzzle to represent the strategic solutions Activate brings to its clients.

Activate's Strategic Solution

  • Seamless Transition: Seamless migration of Actxa’s architecture from a monolithic setup to a flexible microservices framework. Technical debt can be managed through microservice implementation. 

  • Cost-Effective Strategies: Activate implemented resource optimisation strategies to enhance cost efficiency. 

Significant Achievement

  • Agile Scalability: The microservices architecture empowered Actxa to implement features independently and scale the cloud performance on demand. 

  • Streamlined Operations: The adoption of microservices streamlined development, accelerating new feature releases. 

  • Cost Optimisation: A notable 40% reduction in costs was achieved.  

  • Enhanced Resilience: Microservices' inherent load distribution bolstered application stability. 

A handshake between a man and technology to represent the significant achievements by Activate for its clients
Hands touching a screen that has icons to show the benefits for clients after implementing Activate's solutions.

Post Implementation Benefits

  • Innovation Acceleration: The microservices approach catalysed rapid innovation and product development while minimising dependency technical debts.

  • Agile Expansion: On-demand scaling facilitated new growth opportunities without compromising technical time to market blockers. 

  • Budget Empowerment: Predictable costs facilitated strategic financial planning. 

Actxa's Evolution Stands as a Testament of Activate's Expertise. Hear What They Had to Say:

"Activate Interactive worked closely with our developers to look into an optimized cloud solution. We were able to pay as you go and scale up when necessary. That was essential for a startup company like ours."

Marcus Soo

Chief Executive Officer

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Testimonial from Actxa Pte Ltd, client of Activate
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