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Our approach delves into your past, present, and future alongside your users. Beyond delivering innovative IT solutions, we work with you to craft strategic roadmaps for a seamless journey towards your envisioned success. Backed by our digital transformation expertise, we assist businesses in achieving organisational excellence, elevating business agility, and propelling growth.

An illustration that shows a Consultation discussion, a service that Activate offers

Charting the Course to Achievement

A roadmap that explains our Requirements Management playbook that our consultants execute

Our consultants partner closely with your team, blending industry standards and best practices to deliver optimal project outcomes.


Requirement Analysis

After acquiring customer requirements, the team understands them and refines and clarifies details for comprehensive next-stage information.


Requirement Elicitation

Our consultants select optimal techniques like brainstorming, workshops, surveys, and more, based on project factors, to gather requirements.


Requirement Documentation

Documentation will be recorded in various forms, including Textual, Traceability Matrix, Flow Diagram, Wireframe, etc.


Requirement Communication

The documentation will be walked through and endorsed by customers to align understanding for system implementation.


Solution Assessment & Validation

After the solution is implemented, a Business Analyst will be assigned to verify it to ensure intended delivery and suggest enhancements for future implementation.

Requirements Management Playbook​

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