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Living Technology.
Changing Lives.

We live technology as it seamlessly integrates with our environment.​

We are digital innovators contributing towards realising a better society.​

Vision statement of Activate


By the end of 2026, Activate aims to be one of the top 10 technology consultancies in Singapore, with more than
SGD $100M in revenue and be the employer of choice in places we operate. ​

Mission statement of Activate


We imagine and reimagine

what is possible, delivering

cost-effective and quality solutions and services to customers with the purpose of positively impacting the people around us and the environment we live in.​

Values of Activate




Effective Communication.



What We Believe

We imagine and reimagine what is possible. It is our mission to deliver

cost-effective quality solutions. While passionately pursuing excellence, we believe what we do should positively impact the people and environment around us.​

Our involvement in advancing Smart Nation initiatives within Singapore has allowed us to actively support the transformation of our city, both in the public and private sectors. Our valuable experiences can be shared locally and worldwide, effectively promoting digital transformation.

We envision a world where people live better and healthier with technology. As an advocate for Preventive Health, Fitness, and Wellness, we develop accessible digital solutions and partner organisations that work towards the vision.​

Why We Create

We believe in harnessing technology with purpose, not for its own sake. We create for our clients to help them thrive in every way possible. In turn, they enable us to bring bold ideas to life that create meaningful value for the people around us and our environment. ​

While the future remains uncertain, Activate remains steadfast in its commitment to driving digital transformations that pave the way for a more promising future for all.​

How We Work

As an award-winning company, Activate maintains a robust quality management system to meet our clients’ requirements consistently. Our high-performance team love their craft and continually improve how we work to exceed expectations.

Activate composes the Activate Playbook and delivers well-orchestrated solutions to our clients with clear communication flows that also enable individual teams to push boundaries.

Technology screens and humans within the same space
The Activate Playbook

The Activate Playbook

Paving the Path to Proven Success



  • Discover your business and customer needs

  • Understand your brand's value proposition

  • ​Research current trends and competition



  • Propose information architecture

  • Propose UI/ UX design concepts and wireframes

  • Craft impactful copy

  • Design illustrations, icons, and mock-ups

  • Create software development based on best practices

  • Ensure high performance

  • Software design patterns

  • Shift left approach

  • Develop solutions with a security mindset





  • ​Consistently maintain content

  • Keep website safe and secure

  • Implement DevSecOps practices

  • Real-time monitoring of potential threats​

  • Continuous client engagement​

Let Us Help You Drive Innovation

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