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Activate Interactive Secures S$5 Million Debt Financing to Accelerate Growth

Singapore, 17 August 2023 - Activate Interactive Pte Ltd (“Activate”), a Singapore-based technology consultancy, announces that it has successfully concluded a S$5 million financing (“the Financing”) from an established financial institution in Singapore. The significant injection of funds will play a pivotal role in fuelling Activate’s growth strategy, reinforcing its financial foundation to enhance clients' services and expand its portfolio of innovative solutions and services. It is a market testament to Activate’s value and growth strategy.

Renowned for its reliability and a trusted partner to Singapore’s government agencies, Activate is poised to utilise the Financing to build a robust war chest for the future and capitalise on emerging opportunities within the dynamic IT sector. This strategic move solidifies Activate’s status as a market leader, positioning the company to navigate the evolving industry landscapes seamlessly.

Joel Chin, CEO of Activate, said: “I am deeply encouraged by the trust placed in us by the institution that believes in our mission and recognise our strong standing as a leading technology consultancy in Singapore.

As we set our sights on the future, our readiness to prepare for new avenues and possibilities is paramount. We understand the importance to have ample resources to seize opportunities, navigate uncertainties and take bold strides towards our vision. This Financing aligns seamlessly with our growth strategy, and we will approach the opportunities presented to us with utmost prudence and alignment with our values and mission.”

Strategically, the Financing will be channelled to the following key areas:

  1. Expanding Service Offerings: The infusion of capital will empower Activate to conceptualise, develop and introduce groundbreaking IT solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of its clients. Leveraging on its offshore development centres, Activate is primed to achieve a remarkable 200% growth in overseas revenue.   

  2. Talent Acquisition and Development: Activate recognises that its team is its greatest asset. The Financing will be used to attract top-tier IT talents and invest in continuous professional development to uphold the highest level of expertise and facilitate the expansion of the local workforce.

  3. Market Expansion: Activate further aims to extend its reach to new regions and markets through the establishment of annual Joint Ventures. Simultaneously, Activate is committed to nurturing the local Research and Development sector, elevating Singapore to be our global testbed for intellectual properties and services. This will unlock the specialised technology consultancy services to a wider spectrum of clients.

 Activate’s playbook encompasses mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to amplify its business scope, diversify its comprehensive service range, and access untapped markets. In the near future, Activate intends to offer opportunities for equity involvement to the market, allowing Financial Institutions and investors to participate in our expansion journey.


For further information, please contact:  

 Tan Lay Eng

Communications Manager

Activate Interactive Pte Ltd

+65 9877 0406 

Hasyimah Begum AJ

Communications Executive 

Activate Interactive Pte Ltd

+65 8780 3620  


About Activate Interactive Pte Ltd  Founded in 1997, Activate Interactive Pte Ltd is a leading technology consultancy in Singapore that fuses strategy consulting, creativity, and engineering to drive digital innovations. We offer quality, cost-effective and impactful end-to-end application development, including mobile and web applications, cloud technology, UI/UX design and more.​ We integrate digital technology into all areas of a business, helping clients remove technology roadblocks and increase their efficiency to better serve and deliver value to their communities, regardless of their business size and type.​ We aspire to help people live better and healthier with technology by providing holistic solutions to improve population health.

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