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Luo Siao Ping

Head & Vice President
(Human Resources)

Siao Ping brings along two decades of human resource leadership and practice experience within the IT and banking sectors. He has held significant roles throughout his career, including Regional and Country Head of Human Resources with US, Europe, and Singapore-based multinational companies.​


As a dedicated HR professional, Siao Ping firmly believes that a company's most valuable asset is its human capital, and the real strength of a company lies in an engaged workforce built upon enlightened leadership and aligned culture. ​


Siao Ping treasures three fundamental aspects of life: health, knowledge, and wisdom, and he prioritises fitness, reading, and self-reflection to attain these virtues. Siao Ping's interest in politics and exploration of different countries has led him to respect the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew greatly for his visionary leadership, resilience, international acumen, and diplomatic skills in shaping Singapore's early years.​

Activate Head & Vice President (Human Resources) Luo Siao Ping

Academic Background:

Bachelor of Science (Business Administration), Oklahoma City University, USA.
Diploma in Marketing & Sales Management (Top Student), PSB Academy, Singapore.

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