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Real Time Strategy Game "Ops Battleforce" launched on App Store

Activate Interactive Pte Ltd founder Leslie Wou talking to Lawrence Wong about Ops Battleforce mobile game app.

Activate has launched Ops Battleforce, our latest mobile game developed for Nexus, Ministry of Defence Singapore.

Ops Battleforce is a modern real time strategy warfare game. You are a commander tasked to defend your homeland against an enemy invasion.

Ops Battleforce mobile game app


  • Use your finger to draw lines to control your units, they will move on the path you have drawn and automatically attack enemy units within their range.

  • Strategise the most effective ways to intercept your enemies and destroy their base camps to win the battles.

  • There are 10 campaign levels in the game. As the campaign progresses, the battle field will expand and enemy forces will increase in size and levels.

  • As you overcome challenges and achieve victories through the levels, you will rise through the ranks, command larger forces and unlock more advanced weapons.

  • Use your earned training points to train and level up your units to increase their attack and defence powers.

  • Call in powerful reinforcements including infantry drops, first aid kits, air strikes and missile attacks.

  • Take decisive actions and harness the power of networked land, sea and air forces to achieve victory!

  • Learn more about the various weapons that the 3rd Generation Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) uses.

Download Ops Battleforce at App Store. #opsbattleforce


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