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Activate Partners with Food Bank Singapore to Combat Food Insecurity and Waste

Activate staff with their donations, supporting Food Bank Singapore to combat food insecurity and waste.
Team Activate, alongside their generous donations, partners with Food Bank Singapore to tackle food insecurity and reduce waste.

Singapore, 16 May 2024 – Activate Interactive Pte Ltd (“Activate”) has forged a partnership with Food Bank Singapore to address food insecurity and waste, aligning with the principles of sustainability championed on Earth Day. This collaboration underscores Activate's steadfast commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, aimed at generating positive impacts on the community and the environment. 


An office food drive was organised from 8 April to 19 April 2024 and received overwhelming support from Activate staff. This demonstrates the company's collective dedication to fostering a more sustainable future. 


Joel Chin, Chief Executive Officer of Activate, said, "As part of our ESG commitment, we are dedicated to fostering positive change for both our community and the environment. Our collaboration with Food Bank Singapore exemplifies our dedication to sustainability and our motto to be a responsible business in Singapore while staying at the forefront of the IT industry." 


Activate's partnership with Food Bank Singapore is a testament to the company's ongoing efforts to address social and environmental challenges while fostering a culture of corporate responsibility. By aligning with Earth Day values, Activate continues to lead by example in promoting sustainability and making a positive impact on the community. 


About Activate Interactive Pte Ltd  


Founded in 1997, Activate Interactive Pte Ltd is a leading technology consultant in Singapore that fuses strategy consulting, creativity, and engineering to drive digital innovations. ​  


We offer quality, cost-effective and impactful end-to-end application development, including mobile and web applications, cloud technology, UI/UX design and more.​  


​We integrate digital technology into all business areas, helping clients remove technology roadblocks and increase their efficiency to better serve and deliver value to their communities, regardless of their business size and type.​ ​We aspire to help people live better and healthier with technology by providing holistic solutions to improve population health.​


For further information, please contact:  

Tan Lay Eng

Communications Manager

Activate Interactive Pte Ltd 

+65 9877 0406 

Hasyimah Begum AJ

Communications Executive

Activate Interactive Pte Ltd 

+65 8780 3620 



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